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What is the difference between Marble and Granite?

Hello everyone!
today I am going to share my knowledge about marble and granite with you. at my job, many of our customers ask me about marble and granite in which the main question is “what is the difference between marble and granite?”

granite kitchen patterns
kitchen countertop

Then the answer is a lot of difference between marble and granite. let me tell you how!
basically, granite is much harder than marble and it has more strength than marble so this one becomes scratch-proof, acid-proof, and lifetime shining. so you can choose granite to decorate your dream home.
There are hundreds of types of granite available in the market in which a few granite’s quality is low. because of there finishing. they come with some defects like orifice, air cracks, waterlines, etc. and the manual defect is wax polished granite. yes, of course, this is a defect. for example, most of the red color granites come with a light color to make this one dark the worker of the factory applies its wax.and this type of granite loses its original color and shines after a few months of use.

italian marble low rates, onyx marble
Marble Onyx

Another hand marble is softer than granite. around eighty percent of marble types are softer than granite. because of its softness, you will have to handle it very carefully. basically, stone-like green marble, pink marble has wax polished and loses its color and shine speedily compare to wax polished granite but other marble stones like Italian, katani marble has natural color and pattern.

granite patthar
Granite Rock


  • Granite is harder than marble
  • Granite also comes with some defects.
  • It depends on what type of granite you choose.
  • Try to ignore wax polished, air cracked granite for your countertops.
  • Do not use marble for countertops especially wax polished Marble, you can use it for window, door frames.

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