Which Flooring Tiles Are Best for My Home?

Which Flooring Tiles Are Best for My Home?

Make your home the best it can be by laying down the right flooring tiles. They’re durable, attractive, and come in so many different designs that you’ll have trouble choosing just one! Whether you want to stick with a classic design or go wild with something completely out of the ordinary, there’s something on this list of which flooring tiles are best for your home that will fit your style and preferences. Plus, they all come at an affordable price and are easily installed, making them perfect for do-it-yourselfers looking to save on labour costs!

Johnson Tiles
Many homeowners select Johnson tiles because of their sturdy construction and easy-to-clean matte surface. While porcelain tile can be slippery, Johnson tiles have a built-in grip surface that improves traction while walking on them, making them great options for both entryways and kitchens. The plastic flooring tiles are also affordable, which makes them popular in areas where they will be frequently walked upon, such as staircases.

Porcelain Tiles
Ceramic tiles are composed of clay, sand, and other inorganic materials. Porcelain tile is a specific type of ceramic tile that contains kaolin clay and quartz. Just like ceramic tile, porcelain tiles can be glazed to make them more resistant to stains and moisture or unglazed so they are easy to clean. The latter comes in two main varieties: matte or high-gloss finish. If you’re thinking about how to pick flooring tiles best suited for your home, porcelain tiles are a great choice due to their durability and slip resistance while still being low-maintenance when it comes to cleaning and care. When installed by a professional using experienced installation methods, porcelain floors can last up to 75 years.

Vitrified Natural Stone Tile
One of the most popular types of flooring tiles is vitrified, which requires a great deal of preparation before installation. Vitrified natural stone tiles need to be laid over a strong base and anchored properly or they’ll crack and crumble—not exactly desirable traits in an important part of your home. But because they’re made from natural stone, vitrified tiles are durable and can look beautiful when professionally installed. They also resist staining and scratching, making them ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens. However, their real downside is that you’ll pay far more for natural stone than you will for porcelain tile—which brings us to our next option…

Matt Flooring Tiles
They’re low-maintenance, beautiful and help reduce noise, making them great for homes with a lot of foot traffic. If you live in an area prone to earthquakes, these are also good choices: They’re made from porcelain and won’t chip as other tiles might. Because they’re harder than ceramic or porcelain tiles, however, it can be difficult to cut them precisely. This means if you want to change your design at any point down the line, you could be out of luck. An easier option is laminate flooring; they’re also fairly low-maintenance and don’t require lots of work or special products to clean them.

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