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AAC block latest price and size

Before looking for the AAC block latest price and size we need to know more about the AAC blocks. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete” (AAC) blocks are used for the construction of walls. This is a lightweight material. it is an environment-friendly building material that provides high thermal insulation and durability for your construction. AAC block is also called “C4X” or “Siporex”. Its thermal insulation properties prevent heat and keep your room temperature cool. AAC Blocks are 3 to 4 times lighter in weight than traditional red bricks. Thus, it helps to reduce the unwanted load of the building. At present time AAC Blocks are fastly replacing red bricks for construction. Due to its amazing features, it became more popular.

What is the material used in AAC Block?

AAC (C4X) blocks are made on heat and pressure in autoclave. To manufacture it is composed of quartz sand, calcined gypsum, lime cement, aluminum powder, and water. and it can be used as a construction material for interior and exterior structures.

Features Of AAC Blocks

Nearly 10+ features of AAC blocks make them popular very fast compared to red bricks.

ColourGreyish whitish
WeightLightweight 3 to 4 times more than red bricks
FireproofYes, depends on the thickness of the wall
Thermal Properties3 times higher than red bricks
Water absorption capacity8 to 10 % of its weight
SoundproofApprox 40dB
Overall costNearly one-third of traditional red bricks
Energy efficiency20 % reduction in air conditioning cost
AvailabilityYes, Available
AAC block feature chart

Size Of AAC Blocks

various size range available in AAC block (c4x). you can buy it 4, 6, 8, 9 … 12 inches of thickness. length and width will be the same 24 inches and 8 inches respectively.

Size chart of the AAC block is available as below

AAC block Size In MMAAC block Size in InchesAAC block Thickness Of wall
600x200x10024x8x44 inches
600x200x15024x8x66 inches
600x200x20024x8x88 inches
600x200x23024x8x99 inches
600x200x25024x8x1010 inches
600x200x30024x8x1212 inches
AAC Block size Table/chart

C4X Block Price list

A rectangular-shaped AAC block can cost you from 2500 to 4500 per cubic meter. it will depend on the location where you are buying, the manufacturer and your required size.

Here is the price of a single AAC block. ( This price is for a specific location. we are considering the price for Pune)

SizePrice Per Block
600x200x100Rs. 55 per block
600x200x150Rs. 80 per block
600x200x200Rs. 130 per block
AAC block Sizewise Price list

*prices given above are only for respected locations and they can be changed without any prior notice. Click here to know more about the latest price at your location.

Advantages of AAC block

In today’s world, every industry realises the importance of environmental conservation, and the construction sector is also improving by upgrading advanced technology. Including innovative and sustainable construction materials where possible. Here are some advantages of AAC block.

  • Earthquake-Resistant: It is common that buildings are designed to handle the verticle load of the structure. and AAC blocks gain high-level strength during the manufacturing process. It gives durability to the structure.
  • Thermal Insulation: Generally, aac blocks can resist heat compared to traditional red bricks and keep your rooms cool and it helps to cost reduction in air conditioning.
  • Faster construction and work: The size of the c4x block is greater than regular red bricks, so it can be more efficient to complete the same work in half time. having fewer joints and consistency ensures the ease of laying and making the work faster.
  • Lightweight: c4x blocks are lightweight than red bricks. Thus, it prevents dead load on the structure.
  • Cost Effective: for the large construction AAC block can reduce the cost of construction because it is better in cost when compared to burnt red bricks.
  • Durable: AAC blocks are absorbs only 10% of water of its weight and climate change cannot affect it.

Disadvantages Of AAC block

  • Installation: The laying work should be done in proper way as directed. Always use specified adhesive to construct it. improper installation of aac block can lead to cracks in wall and it affect the final finish.
  • Non-load bearing material: it is non load bearing material. it can use for wall partitions.
  • Because of its price, buying small number of blocks can cost your more compared to large scale of construction.

FAQs of AAC block

Why does the AAC block get cracks?

There are various reasons, first one is the poor quality of the blocks. always buy ISI-marked material for better results. the second one is you cannot use it in the foundation because aac blocks cannot be designed for heavy loads. If you are constructing in a farm field ensure that there is a hard surface at the bottom of foundation. else it will lead to crack your wall.

Does AAC Block need plastering?

It will be a great choice if you plaster your wall. it will help you to prevent damage by climate change and stops water absorption.

How long does AAC block last?

It completely depends on your use, but generally, it can last up to 90 years.

How many AAC blocks are required for a 10×10 wall?

One aac block can cover 1.33 sq. feet area. To build a 10×10 wall needs 75 blocks. no matter how thick your wall is.

Can I drill in the AAC block?

Yes, you can drill it. I suggest you to use a log drill bit to crack free results. don’t use hammers.

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