Explosion at Rameshwaram Cafe: What We Know So Far

Explosion with Injuries Reported at Bengaluru Restaurant

An explosion rocked the popular Rameshwaram Cafe in Bengaluru’s Rajajinagar area earlier today, injuring at least five people. The blast occurred around 1:30pm during the busy lunch hour at the eatery located on Dr Rajkumar Road.

Explosion at Rameshwaram Cafe special Report

According to eyewitness reports, there was a loud explosion followed by a fire that engulfed part of the restaurant. The intensity of the blast shattered windows and overturned tables and chairs. Customers and staff alike ran out in panic amid the smoke and debris.

Explosion at Rameshwaram Cafe
Explosion at Rameshwaram Cafe Bengaluru image source India today 

Police and fire services were alerted immediately and first responders were at the scene within minutes. The injured, including three cafe employees and two customers, have been rushed to hospital. The severity of their injuries is not yet known.

The cause of the explosion is under investigation, but preliminary reports suggest it may have been due to a gas cylinder blast in the kitchen. Bomb squads have been dispatched to thoroughly inspect the area and rule out any foul play. Sniffer dogs are also being used to detect any traces of explosives.

Police have cordoned off the area around the restaurant to preserve evidence. Forensic teams are examining the site to determine the epicenter and source of the blast. All shops in the vicinity have been shuttered and traffic diverted.

According to DCP West, “We received a call at 1:32 PM about a cylinder blast in Rameshwaram cafe. Three staff members and two customers have sustained minor injuries. No major damage to property or human life. Our team is investigating the cause.”

The cafe management asserted that all safety protocols were followed in the kitchen and storage. “This is a shocking incident. We will cooperate fully with the police investigation and assist affected individuals in any way possible,” said the owner.

Regulars expressed disbelief that such an unfortunate accident could occur at the hugely popular eatery known for its hygienic and tasty food.

Eyewitness Accounts

Shivam, an office-goer who was having lunch at the cafe when the explosion happened, described the chaos. “I was sitting near the front window when there was a thunderous blast. The glass shattered instantaneously and tables flew. I saw flames erupt from the kitchen area and smoke filled the room within seconds. I grabbed my bag and ran out like others.”

Riya, a college student, recalled the panic after the deafening blast. “I was waiting in line to place my order when I heard this explosion sound. There were screams as people started running towards the exit. A server was bleeding from his forehead and another had a bad burn on his arm. I hope no one is critically hurt.”

Aftermath and Impact

The explosion has left the cafe badly damaged. The busy eatery is likely to remain shut for several days for repairs and restoration work.

The incident has shocked Bengaluru residents for whom the popular cafe was a safe local haunt. Concerns over safety standards and lapses will need to be addressed.

Police are urging citizens not to panic or spread rumours as they investigate all aspects. Once the cause is determined, any faulty equipment or negligence will face action. Safety audits of other restaurants may also be conducted in the aftermath.

For now, the focus remains on identifying the injured and providing medical support. With many patrons being regular customers, the cafe owners will also assist families of victims.

The busy locality around Rameshwaram Cafe is likely to see disruption in coming days due to heavy police presence and barricades. Traffic diversions may cause delays during rush hour. Residents are advised to avoid the area and plan commute accordingly.

Businesses neighbouring the cafe may also see a dip in footfalls due to safety fears. The public is advised to be cautious about rumours or fake news around the incident that may spread on social media.


The explosion at Rameshwaram Cafe is a distressing incident that has left several injured. While investigations are underway,Bengaluru authorities need to review safety measures at restaurants and food outlets across the city.

Strict adherence to storage and usage norms of inflammable materials is a must. Awareness campaigns for kitchen and service staff can help prevent such accidents.

For now, the focus remains on healing the physical and emotional scars of this unfortunate blast. Resilience and community spirit will help the city move past this setback at a much loved local eatery.

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