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Latest Simple POP designs for your home in 2023



To beautify your home you need something like tiles, colors, granite, wallpapers, and POP !! Yes, POP is more effective than other things to make your home interiors cool. more from this Simple POP designs look too good than a complex ones. it can be budget-friendly if you choose one of them. Here are the top 10 latest simple pop designs for your Home that you can use in your Living room, kitchen room as well as bedroom.

Common Questions About POP

  1. What is POP?

Ans. POP is the short name for Plaster Of Paris it contains quick-setting gypsum consisting of white powder.


2. How do POP designs (Plaster Of Paris), Long, Last?

Ans. You need not worry about the longevity of pop designs because it can last up to 20 to 25 years if there is no external cause of damage. yet you can follow our golden tips to make it more durable it keep your interior beautiful.

  • POP should not come in contact with water.
  • Clean Dust at least once in two weeks with the duster.
  • use dampened cloth if oil-based paint is applied on pop designs.

3. From where I can buy a POP?

Ans. You can buy a POP online as well as offline from anywhere in India from POP sellers which are mostly available in every city.


1. Simple POP Design For Hall

Here is the highly liked simple design for the hall with a single ceiling Fan. you can customize it to look more creative. this design help to decorate your hall room.

simple POP design false ceiling
simple POP design ( Source: Pinterest)
pop design plus minus
pop design for hall (source: Pinterest)

2. Latest Circle POP Design Ideas for the Hall

These are more creative circle POP designs for the hall, especially if you have more than 300 square feet size hall. The design looks so simple but attractive. you can customize the color of your choice to feel happy.

hall pop design
circle POP design
circle pop simple design for hall
Circle POP Design

3. Latest and Simple POP Design for Room

Star POP design for room looks very beautiful especially when lights are on. it gives magical look to your room.

Star POP design for room
bedroom pop design
POP design for room
butterfly pop design for bedroom
butterfly POP design

4. latest POP designs for Kitchen

Using more simple pop patterns in the kitchen is always a good idea. when you enter your kitchen first you see the platform and backsplash, rarely one will see the ceiling of your kitchen. Hence kitchen room does not need more POP designs compared to other rooms like the hall, and bedrooms. etc. here are two images to understand yourself better.

kitchen POP Design
Kitchen POP design


With POP you can create thousands of designs if you are creative. but simple pop designs always look good. you can add lighting effects to make it more beautiful and to increase the interior decoration of the home.



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