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Designer Italian marble for flooring at best price

Using a natural stone for flooring like marble is always good compared to Tiles. To give your home a luxurious look, Italian marble is a good choice. In this article, you will be able to find Designer Italian marble for flooring at the best price.

It is highly durable and long life. it is a common choice for decorative purposes in bungalows, small houses, hotels, restaurants, lodges, multinational companies etc.

Features of marble

  • It is a natural stone that’s why it is highly durable.
  • Beautiful natural patterns give a luxurious look to the flooring.
  • Around 16mm thickness is available.
  • A bigger size of slab gives a jointless floor design.
  • A high range of colour and pattern varieties is available.
  • Strong flooring compared to tiles.
  • marble is a natural stone because of its properties it provides a scratch-resistant floor and it gets more polished whenever cleaned.

Italian Marble flooring Vs Tile flooring

Tiles and marble have their own properties. and these differences can help you to decide which one is best for flooring.

Italian MarbleTiles
DurableDepends on Quality
Natural stoneArtificial manufactured
High Installation costLow installation cost
Require Polishing after installationNo need to polish
Strong flooringDepends on quality and thickness
Italian marble vs tiles

Flooring Design Italian marble

If you choose marble for flooring then there are hundreds of natural flooring designs you can create. Because its patterns can match very well. Here are some flooring design ideas.

Inlay Italian flooring design

“Inlay” is the decorative technique used to create beautiful patterns with different types of materials and colours by art workers.

Italian marble Inlay design (source: Pinterest)
mable for flooring
Italian marble Inlay design (source: Pinterest)

Italian flooring Designs

Italian marble flooring design (source: Pinterest)
flooring design ideas
Italian marble design
marble floor design
floor design in marble

Italian marble price

Prices of flooring Italian marbles are different. The price range of Italian marble starts from Rs. 200 to 1500 per sq foot. Here is the list of popular marble with prices. Here we are providing Italian marble prices in India. the prices given below are excluded from GST.

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Botticino Marble

Botticino marble is imported and used for flooring and countertop. it has a natural beige colour and unique brown veins. it has beautiful colours and patterns with amazing shine. This marble is perfect for wall cladding and floor purposes in the living room. The price is 210 per square foot.

Botticino marble slab

Crema Marfil Marble

This one is imported classic cream marble from Spain. It is simply textured of creamy beige with soft veins. it has a very shiny and smooth finish. Having very low maintenance and highly durable properties. The price of Crema Marfil Marble is Rs. 230 per sq foot

italian marble price
cream Marfil Italian marble floor (source: bestitalianmarble)

Imported Black Marquina Marble

This one is a high-grade, durable and high gloss imported Black Marquina Marble. With a huge demand in the world for its supreme quality, black colour, high gloss and reasonable prices. this one is an excellent stone option for wall cladding and floor purposes. the price of Black Marquina Marble is Rs. 300 per square foot.

black marble for flooring
Black Marquina marble (source: connect2india)

Perlato Marble

The marble has straight and cross veins pattern with beige colour. huge demand in the market for its high lustre and visual appeal. Perlato Marble is one of the oldest marble from Italy. It is suitable for wall cladding, kitchen platforms and flooring. The cost of Perlato marble is Rs. 230 per square foot.

perlato marble flooring
Italian Perlato marble

Black Portoro Waves Marble

This one is also from Italy. it is contrast with white and brown veins on the black surface. this beautiful marble works well with beautiful patterns. according to experts, the creative installation of this marble provides a supreme appearance and makes a luxurious home. The price of Black Portoro Waves Marble is Rs. 350 Per sq. foot.


marble can cost more than tiles. Tiles may be affordable but cannot defeat marble designs for flooring decorations. It actually provides supreme quality and a luxurious finish to your home.


I have a small Home should I use Italian marble?

Yes, you can use Italian marble. No matter how small or big house you ensure of the price of it. because it can cost you more than tiles.

Which Marble should I buy for my home?

Sometimes you need to research that what type of marble need to decore your home. you can choose your favourite colour design of marble. But, I will suggest you do not buy epoxy-coloured marble.

What is Epoxy coloured marble?

The epoxy-coloured marble paints colour after polishing. you can check by rubbing your hand on the surface of the slab.

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