how to calculate square foot

2 Easy methods to calculate Square Feet and brass of granite, countertops, flooring

how to calculate square foot

 What are the square feet and Brass? how to calculate it?

    1 Foot is equal to 12 inches and an area of 12x12 inches is called Square feet. foot sign is and Inch Sign is .  One brass is equal to 100 square feet. if you multiply 15x15 feet the answer you will get 225 and divide this value by 100 and the answer will be called a brass. following methods, you can use to measure kitchen countertop, granites/marble, flooring, soil, sand etc. 

How to Calculate Square feet?

Calculating square feet as easy as 1 2 3… Here are two easy methods to calculate square feet. 1st one is for inches and another one for feet. i.e. if you need the odd size granite countertop you can use 2nd method else, 1st method is good for you. 

1. Calculate square feet by Inches

  • Measure the length and width in inches of the surface area by measuring tape which you want to calculate for square feet.
  • Multiply the numbers (length by the width)
  • And divide the answer by 144. 

Example of calculating square feet:

    Suppose the length of the kitchen countertop is 96 inches and the width 30 inches, now apply the square feet formula as length x width / 144 = square feet.
96x30 = 2880
2880/144 = 20
20 is the answer. means the kitchen countertop is 20 square feet.


2. Calculate Square feet for Odd Sizes/Measurements.

  • This method can be calculated by feet/foot only for odd sizes.
  • Measure the length and width of the surface area in inches which you want to calculate for square feet.
  • convert inches into feet ( To convert inches to feet divide inches by 12)
  • Multiply the length by width in feet 
  • you will get the answer

Example of calculating square feet by odd size

1. Suppose, length 94 inches, and width 29 inches
    Here is a point to note that 94 inches are over 7.75 feet so choose the 8 feet. and 29 inches are over 2.25 feet and close to 2.5 feet so choose 2.5 feet.
so, 8 x 2.5 = 20 square feet
2. 47 x 35 inches
    47 inches are close to 4 feet and 35 inches are close to 3 feet then multiply 4 feet by 3 feet is 12 square feet. 12 is the answer
3. 83 x 11 inches  
    7 feet by 1 foot =  7 feet. 7 is the answer.
Note: 2nd method of calculating square feet is commonly used in respected shops. they calculated in feet. suppose you ordered a kitchen countertop of 94 x 29 inches, this measurement will count in 96 x 30. 

How to calculate Measurements into Brass

The simple formula to calculate brass is to multiply feet x feet and divide by 100 = Brass. yes, brass is called square feet, 100 sqft is 1 brass. especially brass is useful to measure cubic area. like a lorry full of soil, sand etc.
Here is an example :
300 x 15 feet is 4500 square feet, to convert it into the brass divide value by 100. i.e. 4500/100= 45 brass 

How to Calculate Brass Of sand/soil trolly?

suppose, someone ordered 1 brass sand then how will he know that trolly of sand is one brass or not? then use this formula of brass: Length x width  x height/ 100 = brass.
i.e. trolly length is 9 ft. width is 6 ft. and height is 2.25 ft. 
9′ x 6‘ = 54
54 x 2.25 = 121.5
121.5/100 = 1.215 Brass
The trolly is 1.215 Brass. 

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