how to calculate tile quantity

Easy way to calculate tile quantity

Calculations are not complex. If you know the formula, then you can do it quickly. To get tile quantity, you need to clear some misconceptions. And I am here to tell you an easy way to calculate tile quantity.

how to calculate tile qantity
measuring Tape

To get the required number of tiles, you must measure the floor area with measurement tape. The easiest way to measure your floor or wall area go with inches. because “inch” metrics are easy to learn for beginners.

Points to consider before measurements.

  • Measure the end-to-end area where you have to apply tiles.
  • Don’t forget to measure the walls as well as the flooring area if you wish to apply tiles to it.
  • Note down all measurements in inches.
  • Be ensured that there are multiple sizes of tiles are available.
  • The size of the tiles matters to get the exact tile quantity.

various tile sizes are available in the market. Here, I am providing a size chart for reference. Use this table to pick the right one for your home.

The square feet of measurements given below are calculated in inches. exact sq. feet is different. Because to measure the MM you may have to use a unit converter. For example, 1600 mm is equal to 62.99 Inches almost 63 inches and 800 MM is equal to 31.49 Inches. By calculating the highlighted value you will get the exact no. of square feet. But tile sellers will calculate the full size in inches.

Tile size chart in MM, inches and square feet

Size in MMSize in InchNo. of tiles per boxSquare foot per box
1600×80064×322 Tiles28.44 sq feet
1200×80048×322 Tiles21.33 sq feet
1000×100040×402 Tiles22.22 sq feet
800×80032×323 Tiles21.33 sq feet
600×60024×244 Tiles16 sq feet
400×40016×165 Tiles8.88 sq feet
600×30024×125 Tiles10 sq feet
450×30018×126 Tiles9 sq feet
300×30012×129 Tiles9 sq feet
Tile size chart

Methods to calculate floor tile quantity

Let’s see the method to get the number of tiles.

After measuring the floor area, note down it. suppose, you measured the 240 inches of length and 120 inches of width of your floor area of the room. now you can calculate by multiplying these two numbers.

Example: 240 x 120 = 28800

The answer you will get is 28800. Now divide this number by 144. The answer will be 200.

The answer 200 Will be called a “square foot” or Brass. if you want to call it square feet just say “Two Hundred Square Feet”. And to brass just call Two Brass.

How to calculate Square Feet and brass 

Now, the main point is to get the number of tiles here. Look at the chart table given above and choose one tile size of them. I am supposing here 32×32 size in which you will get 3 tiles per box. and the square feet of a single tile is 7.11. Now multiply by 3 tiles, and the answer will be 7.11 x 3 = 21.33 sq feet.

Now divide 200 square feet by 21.33. And calculations will answer you 9.37 boxes need to complete your floor area. But, you can buy boxes of either 9 or 10.

You can understand the complete calculation in the digits below.

  1. length x width = answer
  2. divide the answer by 144
  3. again answer is divided by box square feet.

Example 1:

240×120 = 28800

28800/144 = 200

200/21.33 = 9.37 (9.37 is the number of tile boxes you need.)

Example 2:

110×146 = 16060

16060/144 = 111.52

111.52/16 (24×24 tile size) = 6.97 almost 7 boxes.

Additional measurement points

Calculations are given above for floor area only. now you should add some more measurements for wall skirting. Generally, wall skirting is considered 3 inches in width and length according to tiles. If you look at the first example, the area is 240 x 120. if you divide 240 inches by 12 you will get 20 feet and 120 will be 10 feet respectively. This means your room has four walls 2 of 20 feet and 2 of 10 feet. Now, 20+20+10+10 = 60 Running feet.

You need 60 running feet tile with a width of 3 inches. Tile size is 32×32 inches Now you can divide 32 by 3, and almost 10 skirting patti will get in a single tile. Now,10 is multiplied by the number of tiles in a box, the answer is 30. Each piece is 32 inches (32 inches means 2.66 running feet) in length so, 30×2.66′ = 79.8 running feet skirting you will get from each box.

How to calculate wall tile quantity?

After measuring the wall where you want to apply tiles, multiply it by the method shown above. Suppose, you have to cover a kitchen backsplash and then measure the area. for example, the length and height are 140 and 96 inches respectively. then 140×96 = 13440 and divide the answer by 144. 93.33 square feet of tiles are required. Multiple sizes are available for wall cladding. you can choose one of them from the chart given above. Here, I am considering an 18×12 size (450×300) which contains 6 tiles and 9 square feet per box as per the chart.

how to calculate wall tiles?
measuring wall

The total required square feet is 93.33. divide it by 9 the answer will come to the 10.37 boxes. That is close to 11 boxes.

Example: (size of tile considered is 18×12)

140×96 = 13440

13440/144 = 93.33 (square feet)

93.33/9 = 10.37 boxes almost 11 boxes.


If you know the formula then calculating tile quantity is as simple as 1 2 3. if you still have any difficulties doing so, follow the steps given here.

Multiply the measured area in inches, and divide the answer by 144 to find square feet. and divide to square feet by the tile box’s square feet. to calculate tile quantity use this advanced tool.


How to calculate square feet?

Measure the area in feet or inches, if you measured in feet then multiply both numbers to find square feet. And if you measured in inches just multiply it and divide the answer by 144. you will get square feet of your area.

How many square feet are in a Brass?

The area of 100 square feet is called a Brass. 1 brass is equal to 100 square feet.

How many flooring tiles are required for 100 square feet?

The answer completely depends on your tile size. if you choose the 600×600 mm, then you will need 25 tiles for 100 square feet. But the number of tiles in each box is 4. And if you wish to choose an 800×800 mm size tile then, it needs almost 14 tiles.

How many tiles need in the bathroom?

It completely depends on you measurements. but still, you can calculate your own. Just take measurements and note them down. Multiply the measured area in inches, and divide the answer by 144 to find square feet. and divide to square feet by the tile box’s square feet.

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