10 Tile Designs you can use in any Room 2023

If you’re in search of a stylish and durable tile Designs for flooring option for any room in your home, These tile Designs are a great choice. From the elegant and timeless look of HD Exotic tiles to the sleek and modern feel of subway tiles, there’s a tile design that will suit your style and elevate the look of your space.

One of the best things about tile designs is their versatility. They can be used in a variety of rooms, from the high-traffic areas like the hallway and kitchen to the more private spaces like the bathroom and bedroom. Plus, they are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for any home.

Tile Designs For Room

When it comes to selecting the perfect tile design for your space, consider the size, color, and finish of the tiles. For example, larger tiles can make a small room appear bigger, while tiles with a glossy finish can add depth and dimension to a space.

All Tile Designs are given below manufactured by Johnson tiles.

Anant Empro Tile Design For Hall and Bedroom

This is Branded Tile, Manufactured by Johnson Tiles. This Tile design called Anant Empro. which you can Use in your hall and bedroom. It has beautiful Dark Brown🟤 shade of background and white veins.

Best tile design for hall
Anant Empro Tile Design

Beirut Blue Tile Design For hall and Bedroom

Beirut blue Tile Design is also from Johnson Tile. This tile has blue and brown shades and white veins. You can use this tile in your Bedroom as well as Hall.

Tile design for hall
Beirut Blue Tile Design

Azzurite Buff Tile design

This Tile design can use in your Hall and Bathroom. It is HD exotic High Gloss tile. It can be a perfect choice for your Home. You can use it in any room or space of your home. Azzurite Buff Tile Design has off White background and brown veins.

Tile design for bedroom
Azzurite Buff Tile Design

Alexndrite Grey Tile Design

This one is my favorite tile design. It has elegant style and beautiful patterns. It is Manufactured by Johnson Tiles. You can use this tile in your Hall, Bedroom, Kitchen and any other space in your House.

Beautiful tile design 4x2 for Hall
Alexndrite Grey Tile Design

Royal Satvario White Tile Designs

Another Great Tile Design by Johnson Tiles. It has Milky white background and grey veins. It looks like Italian Marble Design. You can use this design in your Hall and Bedroom flooring purposes.

White tile design
Royal Satvario White Tile Design

Beirut Brown Tile Design For Hall and Bedroom

Beirut Brown tile Design is Manufactured by Johnson Tiles. It is 4×2 (1200 x 600 mm) in size. This tile has Brown color shades . It can use in any space of your home like Hall, Bedroom, kitchen and Bathroom. This tile can work as Highlighter Tile in your Bathroom.

Brown tile design
Beirut Brown Tile Design

Anant Breccia Tile Design For Home

Anat Breccia tile Design is manufactured by Johnson tiles. It has yellow Brown shades. It is perfect choice for home and office space.

Anant Breccia Tile design

Amorite Gold Tile Design For home and Office

This one is similar to Annat Breccia but is has different design pattern. Colour shades are same. This one also Manufactured by Johnson tiles. Available in 4×2 size.

Amorite Gold Tile Design

Anant Bruno Tile Designs For Hall

Anant Bruno Tile has beautiful design with Brown and grey Colour shades. This tile can be used in Hall, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom and other spaces of home. It also best choice for office use.

Anant Bruno Brown Tile Design

Moses Grey Tile Design for Hall and Bedroom

Moses Grey tile design is perfect choice who are looking for Grey coloured tiles for Home and Office Flooring. This one is high gloss tile with HD Finish.

Moses Grey Tile design

Tile Design Price

Designs Of tile listed below are manufactured by Johnson Tiles. For latest price look at the price table below.

Tile DesignSizePrice Per Box
Anant Empro4×21040 /-
Beirut Blue4×21040 /-
Azzurite Buff4×21040 /-
Alexndrite Grey4×21040 /-
Royal Satvario4×21040 /-
Beirut Brown4×21040 /-
Anant Breccia4×21040 /-
Amorite Gold4×21040 /-
Anant Bruno4×21040 /-
Moses Grey4×21040 /-
Tile Design and Price Table

*All prices are valid for store front only. Transportation will be charge additionally. WhatsApp 7774080038 for more Information.

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