A Blunt Warning Points Shared by Dave Ramsey  With Homeowners

Dave Ramsey advises homeowners to be alert to warning signs in their housing situations.

 If the warning signs are serious enough, Ramsey suggests considering selling the home.

 Ramsey recently responded to a question from Daniella, a homeowner in Dallas, Texas.

Daniella is considering selling her condo to pay off debt, as she owes $120,000 on it and it is worth around $260,000.

1. Daniella mentions that the homeowners association (HOA) fee has increased from $450 to $650 per month over the last two years, without any explanation.

 Ramsey advises Daniella to promptly investigate the reason behind the significant increase in HOA fees.

He states that such high fees for a $260,000 condo are unreasonable, unless there are major renovations or improvements taking place.

 Ramsey points out that the increased fees can devalue the condo and make it less attractive to potential buyers.

 He acknowledges the possibility that the fees might be rising in anticipation of future property enhancements.