The 10 Best Electric Switches for Homes in 2024

Are you looking to upgrade the switches in your home? With technology advancing rapidly, 2024 will bring even more options for smart, safe, and stylish electric switches. Here are 10 of the best electric switch brands and models to consider for your home next year.

Best electric switches
Best electric switches


Electric switches are essential elements of any home’s wiring system. They allow you to control lights and appliances with the flip of a switch. While basic switches have been around for decades, modern options now offer features like wi-fi connectivity, voice control, customized backlighting, and more.

Upgrading your traditional switches to newer smart models can add convenience, automation, and style to your home. As you shop for the best switches in 2024, keep in mind your needs and budget. Key factors include safety certifications, smart capabilities, design, warranty, compatibility with your home’s wiring, and cost.

We’ve researched all the top switch manufacturers to find the 10 best options for next year. Whether you want the latest smart home tech or just need basic affordable switches, you’ll find great 2024 switch recommendations here.

The 10 Best Electric Switch Brands for 2024


1. Havells electric switches

Known for its stylish designs and array of smart switches, Havells will continue to be a top brand in 2024. Their ultra-sleek Vivace collection features touch-sensitive switches with a glass faceplate. For smart control, Havells Home Automation switches can be paired with Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

2. Anchor by Panasonic

Anchor makes very rugged and durable switches built to last decades. Their wide range includes Panasonic’s IoT-enabled switches with wi-fi and voice assistant integration. Anchor’s affordable and attractive options are ideal for any home.

3. L&T

With a focus on safety and performance, L&T produces quality electrical switches that meet the latest Indian standards. Their Ray series includes stylish designer switches as well as smart switches with LED indicators and pre-wired connections.

4. Great White

This popular brand offers anti-rust switches made of polycarbonate rather than metal. Great White switches come in standard, modular, and ultra-sleek designs. They are affordable, safe, and easy to install.

5. Finolex

Known for electrical wires and cables, Finolex also makes a variety of switches. Their options range from basic economy models to advanced modular switches with multiple gangs, shutters, and smart technology. 

6. Schneider Electric

For those looking for truly high-end switches packed with features, Schneider Electric is a top choice. Their advanced Zennio smart switches offer touch, motion, and voice control. Prices are on the luxury end as well.

7. Tata Power EZ Home

Part of the Tata Group, this brand focuses on home automation technology. Their EZ Tab switch series lets you control lights, fans, and appliances from anywhere using your mobile device.

8. ABB electric switches

The switches from global electrical brand ABB offer robust protection from overload, short circuit, and electrical shock. They are very rugged but come in sleek frames like the Neo line.

9. Salzer electric switches

Known for world-class electrical components, Salzer makes switches with copper terminals and shutters for top safety. Their wide range includes designer series like Czar for style and sophistication.

10. Vinay Electric switches

Vinay is an Indian electrical company that produces affordable switches, sockets, wires, and home accessories. Their durable, standard switches are budget-friendly options for basic needs.

Key Features to Look for in 2024

– Smart control – Opt for switches with wi-fi/Bluetooth connectivity that work with digital assistants like Google Home and Alexa for voice control.

– LED indicators – Illuminated switches allow you to locate them at night. Models with LEDs that change color alert you to actions.

– Modular design – Modular switches feature multiple ports in one frame. This allows you to insert multiple gangs in one switch plate.

– Safety shutters – Shutters prevent shock by closing off access to live terminals when a plug is removed.

– Waterproof – For bathrooms and wet areas, choose switches with a waterproof seal to prevent short circuits.

– Antibacterial – Antibacterial coatings on switches prevent the spread of germs and keep switches sanitized.

– Customizable – Advanced smart switches let you create customized backlights, logos, themes, and more for a personalized look.

– Warranty – Opt for switches that come with at least a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for performance and durability.


Updating the switches in your home provides an easy way to upgrade both function and style. The top electric switch brands for 2024 offer advanced smart features, safe and durable materials, and elegant aesthetics. Whether you need just a few basic switches or want to remodel your entire home with the latest tech, there are excellent switch options coming out next year that fit every budget. Just be sure to always hire a qualified electrician for installation. With the right switches installed properly, you’ll enjoy superior safety, convenience and design.

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